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Winter/Spring 2016 - Firedaze Gigs and a new album

There were a number of local gigs over the Summer that saw Firedaze playing at Tach Fest, Grist Fest 2, Whitnash Fun day, a folk night in Napton and on the main stage at the Leamington Peace Festival
The band are hoping to set up more dates, locally and futher afield, in the near future.

Firedaze are now back in the studio writing songs for the third Firedaze album. After getting good audience reaction at gigs it is almost a certainty that they will be recording their version of "Drunken Sailor". Watch this space!

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Winter 2015/16 Album number 3 on the way

At the start of a new year it is time to briefly look back and then turn to look forward. Here's a message from Firedaze:

"2015 was a year where, unfortunately, the band was not as busy, or productive, as we'd hoped 12 months ago. Basically we all do other things in addition to the band and this year the 'other things' were tipping the balance in their direction. Still we've made a strong start on the next album - our third - and we hope to have some new songs for you to hear and videos to watch in the near future. Fingers crossed for some gigs too!
Thanks for your support throughout 2015 and here's hoping that 2016 will be a great year!"

Steff, Jen and String - Firedaze.

Autumn 2015 - Firedaze work on new songs

Work is underway on the next Firedaze album with the band busy working on new song demos. It's early days but the band hope to post a demo or two in the near future. The new songs so far seem to be a continuation of the musical direction of Ever After Land - a more stripped down sound, strong songs and opportunties for each band memeber to showcase their musical talents. Songs will appear first on Firedaze Uncovered. It's free to sign up just click the link to Firedaze Uncovered.

Summer 2015 - Firedaze talk about Ever After Land

The three members of Firedaze have been talking about the recording of the songs on Ever After Land. You can see the interview videos by signing up and logging into Firedaze Uncovered.

Here's a short clip to whet your appetite - What IS Steff talking about?

You can find out what she's on a about by clicking on this link to Firedaze Uncovered. Sign up for free and then log in. You'll also get regular news and free downloads from the band too.

Spring 2015 - New song videos

Firedaze Sound of the Underground stillThe latest Firedaze song video has just been finished and posted on-line. The song was debuted live early in 2014 and the video was actually shot in the autumn but due some technical problems the post production has only just been finished.
Unusually for Firedaze its a cover version: The Sound of the Underground. Check it out on the media page or on YouTube.

Steff, Jen and String have also been talking about the recording of the Ever After Land album. The song by song video interviews will be appearing on the Firedaze Uncovered website during the coming weeksl.

Feb 2015 - Firedaze..... and Ice Hockey?

Over the last couple of years Steff has been learning ice skating - which she now loves almost as much as singing and playing her guitar. She has also developed a serious passion for watching ice hockey and in particular she's become a dedicated regular supporter of Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey team.
The current season was a bit mixed early on for the Blaze but things have picked up in recent weeks - so Steff decided to write a song to celebrate the teams recents successes.

The song is called Another One Like That - and here it is:

If you like the song please download it from Soundcloud, Like it on Facebook or send a link to it to other people who might like it.
It is Steff's ambition to hear it played at the Skydome during a match - so give her a hand to make that happen!

Winter 2014/15 "Happy New Year!" A message from Firedaze!

"The end of another year is always a good time to look back for a moment and take stock. This year we finally finished and released Ever After Land - our second album. We're really proud of it and it's been gratifying to see the positive response the abum has had from radio stations around the UK . We've also had some positive reviews too. If you've played our CD on the radio or on on-line, or booked us to play, downloaded some tracks or supported us in some way this year here's a really big "Thank You" from us.

In 2015 we hope to get out on the road much more and play more gigs. We can play small acoustic venues or we can bring along the full kit and play a bigger, louder more electric set - we don't mind which - we just love to play - anywhere.
If you'd like us to come and play somewhere just get in touch.

Finally thanks to everyone who's signed up for Firedaze Uncovered this year to help support us and get our music to a wider audience - we've tried to give you a load of stuff that isn't available anywhere else. If you've already subscribed then the news is that there's lots more to come in 2015 with new interviews with the three of us, new song videos and also new songs.

If you have no idea what Firedaze Uncovered is all about then why not sign up here and find out - its's totally free!
Oh and have A Happy New Year - we'll see you in 2015"

Steff, Jen and String, Firedaze

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Autumn 2014 - album reviews, more videos hockey

Ever After Land album cover

The September/October edition of R2 magazine reviewed "Ever After Land". Here's some of the review from Dai Jeffries:

"Their influences include Irish Traditional (Travellin' has a chorus perfectly based on an Irish figure), rock, blues and jazz and something that once might have been klezmer. The key instrument is Jen's fiddle which soars over the songs. String's melodic bass playing and Steff's guitar form the foundation.

My top tracks are 'What I See', 'Long Time Dead', the aforementioned 'Travellin''and the almost instrumental 'Drink' but there's enough variety here that you can find your own favourites".

Two videos that were previously only available to subscribers to the Firedaze Uncovered website have recently been uploaded to YouTube. You can now see Coming Home and Da (where are you now?). If you want to see more videos of the band before anyone else just sign up, for free, to Firedaze Uncovered.
Did we mention that it's free? Just click on Firedaze Uncovered

Firedaze have also been working on a new song. Unusually for the band this is a cover song - if you've seen the band playing live in 2014 you'll have certainly heard it. After a recent wind and rain swept video shoot in deepest rural Warwickshire there is a video now in production. It will be available soon on Firedaze Uncovered and then later on the band's YouTube channel

Over the last few years Steff has developed a serious passion for ice hockey and in particular she's become a dedicated supporter of Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey team. The current season has been a bit mixed for the Blaze but following a recent victory after a series of defeats Steff has decided the team needs musical support to boost morale.

So there's a new Firedaze song on the way for Coventry Blaze - Most of the song is recorded - it just needs the final vocal performance from Steff - check back for more details soon!

Summer 2014 - New album reviews and Firedaze features on R2 covermount CD

The July/August edition of R2 magazine (formerly Rock'n'Reel) features the Firedaze song "Travellin" on the covermount CD that comes with the magazine. The song comes from the new Firedaze album - Ever After Land. You can buy R2 in WH Smiths and other good newsagents.

Ever After Land album cover

Folkwords have reviewed Ever After Land. Here's some of what reviewer Dan Holland had to say:

"For those that know the band, there's the familiar power and verve in tracks like 'What I See', the dance-driven 'Drink!' and the undiluted folk rock of 'Friends Like These'. Then there's a more mellow groove and subtler expression to tracks like 'Angels With Broken Wings', 'Travellin' and 'Da' in contrast to a darker and somewhat brooding side, evidenced through 'Long Time Dead' and 'Dirty'.

Long-time Firedaze fans will find all they expect and more, those new to Firedaze will find the ever-expanding directions of folk rock can only benefit from albums like 'Ever After Land'"
Read the full review on

May 2014 - New album - Ever After Land - is now available.

Ever After Land is the long awaited second album from Firedaze and it is now available - either as a download (iTunes, Amazon etc) or CD (from DMusic).

The album features 11 original modern folk rock songs. There's a nod to String and Steff's previous band with a cover of the Dead After Dark song "Apathy". Apart from that the other 10 songs are all new and represent the fruits of all three members song-writing together for the first time.

The band say the original idea for the album was for the Firedaze sound to be more acoustic and stripped-down with a switch from pre-recorded drum tracks to foot percussion and some drum loops.
String's bass playing seems invigorated by his move to a 5 string bass, Jen's fiddle playing is more impressive and assured than before while Steff's new acoustic guitar gets quite a few outings but she certainly hasn't put her electric guitar into retirement yet - the album still rocks!

Members of Firedaze Uncovered will soon be able to see the band talking about the writing and recording of the album. If you are not yet a member then you can sign up by clicking here.

Buy Ever After Land on CD now - just £10 ( inc p&p) from D Music

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Spring 2014 - New album comes a step nearer, live appearances and String's new bass rig.

The long awaited new album from Firedaze came a step closer to being released. It seems there has been a delay due to problems getting legal clearance on a drum sample.

Still the band say the new album now has a title - it's called "Ever After Land".

Thanks to everyone who came along and supported the band's short set as part of the "Mick Bisisker and Friends" gig in Napton. Firedaze were appearing alongside The Harvesters, Floot Street, and Mick's band Rack and Ruin. Here's a couple of photos.

Firedaze - Steff

Firedaze play live 2014

String hasn't taken a picture of it yet but he's got a new bass rig to replace his ancient Trace Elliot. The new rig (as supplied by Bass Direct) is a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 head and 2 Genz Benz Focus cabinets. The new set up is even bigger than the old rig and apparently can go louder too. The gig in Napton was the first outing (you can just see the rig behind and to the right of String in the photo).

"Ever After Land" is the title of the new Firedaze album. Itsfinished and has been mastered but is now delayed due to problems with sample clearance. The band have taken a drum loop from an old Sinead O'Connor track to use on a new song - but no one can track down the publisher of the originall song to get the legal clearance for the loop sorted out. It may mean that the song Up On Down has to be left off the album.

You can keep up to date with developments on the album and new gig dates too on the Firedaze Facebook page

Winter 2013-14 - "Happy New Year!" Plus new dates, new videos, new guitar and (nearly) a new album.

New gig dates for Firedaze!

Thanks to everyone who supported the band recently at the Horseshoes in Nuneaton and also at The Wharf, Fenny Compton, Warwickshire.

Firedaze are next in action on Saturday Jan 18th, 2014 - Firedaze will be playing a short acoustic set at "Mick Bisiker and Friends" at the Village Hall, Napton. Bass player String will also be playing with Rack and Ruin on the night. Tickets are £10 - available by calling 01926 814596

More dates are being booked throughout 2014.

Firedaze playing live
Steff went on a trip to Richard's Guitar shop in Tiddington near Stratford and fell in love with a Stonebridge acoustic guitar with an on-board Fishman preamp. It's already been gigged (see photo) Steff loves it and it says it will now be making a regular appearance in live sets - though she claims it won't be completely replacing her usual Patrick Eggle electric guitar.

String has been busy in the studio with the final mastering sessions for the new album and it's almost ready. The new album is to be called "Ever After Land" and will be available on iTunes, amazon etc to download as well as on CD in the fairly near future. There are even more exclusive videos from the album on Firedaze Uncovered - just sign up for access to videos and song downloads - It's free!

New song videos are now on You Tube - you can see "Friends Like These" and "Dirty"

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Summer/Autumn 2013 - New album recording almost finished and more videos in production.

Work is once again continuing on the second Firedaze album after a couple of pauses in recording earlier in the year caused by Steff completely losing her voice. However Steff has now sufficiently recovered to be able to finish recording all her vocal parts for the new songs. All that remains is for String to find time in between his other studio work to finishing mixing the tracks - apparently half are done.

Firedaze have just posted a rehearsal video of one of the songs from the new album. If you're signed up to Firedaze Uncovered you've already had the chance for a while to see this - if not click to play now.
This is Angels with Broken Wings.

New Videos! Firedaze have also been out and about shooting new footage for videos for a number of songs on the forthcoming new album. Videos will be posted on-line soon - Keep checking back, or on facebook, for news on this.

Moorlands Radio logoFiredaze were on the "Anything Goes" show on Moorlands Radio on Sunday 21st April. Presenter Simon Jones broadcast exclusive first performances of 4 songs from the new Firedaze album and also interviewed the band live from their dmusic studio. The songs featured were "Dirty", "Up On Down", "Long Time Dead" and "Angels with Broken Wings". Some of the session tracks will be available soon as free downloads for members of Firedaze Uncovered - Sign up now and you won't miss out. You can hear Anything Goes every Sunday evening - just listen on-line here.


Remember - free downloads! Songs from the Moorlands radio session available soon as free downloads to members of Firedaze Uncovered - sign up now and you won't miss out.

Winter/Spring 2013 - new album recording sessions underway, more radio play and a new musician.

Firedaze Bass player - StringFiredaze singer - SteffFiredaze fiddle player - JenFiredaze guest percussionist - Rick

Firedaze are in the studio recording songs for their second album. A total of 12 songs have now been chosen. Some have been recorded and some are work in progress. On several songs Firedaze have been joined by guest percussionist and drummer Rick McKnight. Rick even helped to write the band's newest song: "Dirty". You can find out more on the Firedaze facebook page and also see some of the recording in a new video on Firedaze Uncovered).

Moorlands Radio logoSimon Jones from Moorlands Radio has been featuring tracks from Triality Squared on his Sunday night Anything Goes Folk Roots show (19.00-22.00). Check out the show on-air or on-line. Firedaze are also being booked for an on-air session and interview for Simon's show - details coming soon.

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December 2012: Happy Christmas from Firedaze - with more new videos on-line and news on that elusive second album!

Firedaze UncoveredIf you've registered for Firedaze Uncovered you'll already know that the band just posted some more new videos on there. The members only website previews all Firedaze's new videos and songs. This month you can checkout interviews with Jen, Steff and String talking about the making of the current album Trality Squared. Plus a new video shows the band in rehearsal working on a new song.
Find out more and see the video just by signing up for free here right now!

New album. So what is the latest news on the second Firedaze album? It seems release dates have slipped again. According to Steff the reason is: "We just keep writing better songs than we did before"!
Apparently there's also the added problem of heavy colds and some auditions for a potential percussionist (watch this space for news on that). All of which has slowed down the creative process. You can find out the full story by signing up for free to Firedaze Uncovered

Autumn 2012: new videos on-line, exclusive website launched, a gig and radio airplay!

OffTheChart logoFiredaze were featured on the Sunday night NUA show on Off The Chart Radio. In fact the the band scored an "Album of the Week" with Presenter Jay Adkin's - and thanks to your votes the band were featured on the show throughout November. Off the Chart is an internet radio station with listeners all over the world. You can download one of the shows featuring Firedaze here.

It's also been a busy time for the Firedaze video production department (in reality Steff huddled over a laptop). She's been delving into the Firedaze video archive and has now edited and produced a whole host of Firedaze videos. Two new videos are now available to view on YouTube, featuring the songs 'Cheers Will' and 'End of the Light'. Other new videos are also available to view exclusively on the new Firedaze Uncovered website, with new videos and music being added every two or three weeks.

Firedaze UncoveredThe band has now lauched Firedaze Uncovered, a new website that features exclusive Firedaze music, videos, interviews and more. Fans of the bands Indie Folk music can now register for free to access the site, and gain an exclusive free song download.

In mid-September Firedaze were invited to play at the Voodoo Lounge in Stamford, Lincs. The band last played in the area at the now defunct Riverside Festival and were delighted to be returning to the town. Thanks to everyone who came down to the gig and thanks also for the great encouragement from Petrology who also played that night.

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Summer 2012: new website and new album on the way

The long awaited Firedaze Uncovered website will soon be unveiled. It will offer exclusive videos, free song downloads and a chance to find out more about the band with interviews and individual profiles of Steff, Jen and String.

Work continues on the new Firedaze album, with further new songs being written and others recorded. 'Angels With Broken Wings' is already a band favourite and will definitely be on the new album. Several of the new songs see String's new 5 string bass really coming into its own - it just goes so much lower! And you can never have too much bass - or so he says.

Recent productivity of new songs mean Firedaze are finally well on the way to finishing their second album which they hope to have out later this year. The band have adopted a more stripped down sound with songs that they can go and play anywhere without always having to cart along a transit van load of amps, speakers etc. There were some new(ish) songs on the Firedaze MySpace page but it had been pointed out that they didn't have any new stuff on this site. So now they do!

Emma's Waltz by Firedaze by dVoicebox studio

June 2012: Video production and songwriting

There has been more editing and production of the video footage the band shot a few weeks ago. Steff has taken on the editing duties which has meant her learning how to use the latest version of Final Cut Pro - Apparently it's very different from the previous version - and not always in a good way! The new video for Coming Home will be on Firedaze Uncovered.

Firedaze are also working on more new songs and tweaking the arrangements of recently written songs. There are already a number of songs for the new album "in the can" with further recording pencilled in for next month.

Firedaze are also filming the "Making of Triality" - a series of song by song short films looking at the current album. These will soon be on Firedaze Uncovered

May 2012: Kenilworth Festival

Firedaze played at the Party in the Park on the 20th May. It took place in Abbey Fields, Kenilworth and was the closing event of the Kenilworth Festival. Firedaze were the final act on the Main Stage and they played many songs off Triality Squared plus revealing a couple of new ones too. Thanks to everyone who braved the drizzle and cold wind to come along and support the band.


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April 2012: Remastered album release; video shoot

An intensive two-day video shoot gave the band enough footage for four new videos. The first of these, Fighting For Strangers, is now on YouTube, and can be seen in the Media section of this site. The shoot took Firedaze to a series of locations in Leamington and Coventry, with a handily timed lunchtime visit to Leamington's Talbot Inn as part of the gruelling schedule. A visit to St Mary's Allotments to use a very picturesque shelter led to an impromptu 'making of' video being shot and uploaded to the allotment association's Facebook site by a keen association member. Watch for further videos exclusively on Firedaze Uncovered - register now if you haven't done so already. Photos of the shoot can be seen on the Band page.

This month saw the digital release of 'Triality (Sqrd)' - a re-mastered release of the original Triality album, with new artwork, new recording of 'Fighting For Strangers', and bonus track 'You Are'. This is currently available to download from Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby and can be streamed from Spotify and Last FM. The CD version will be available very soon. Check back here to find out when.

In case you've forgotten the original 'Trialit'y was reviewed in Rock'n'Reel (now called R2 magazine) as a "blend of choppy bass-driven rockers, folk-style harmonies, bright, melodic fiddle and a New Wave rock edge." That sounds about right.

Folkwords also reviewed the album, back in March 2008. "Firedaze are not easy to forget, hear them once and that thumping throbbing drum sequence and bass drive, enriched with rocky folk-fiddle groove will stay in your head..."


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