Ever After Land (CD)


“Their influences include Irish Traditional, rock, blues and jazz and something that once might have been klezmer.
The key instrument is Jen’s fiddle which soars over the songs [while] String’s melodic bass playing and Steff’s guitar form the foundation.”
Dai Jefferies Rock and Reel

Track listing

  1. What I See
  2. Angels With Broken Wings
  3. Travellin’
  4. Drink!
  5. LongTime Dead
  6. Friends Like These
  7. Da
  8. Dirty
  9. Emma’s Waltz
  10. Apathy
  11. A Long Time Dead

The making of the album…

Shortly after the album was released in 2014 Steff Jen and String from Firedaze got together at Dmusic Studio to talk about the songs on Ever After Land.

What I See

Angels With Broken Wings



Long Time Dead

Friends Like These



Emma’s Waltz


Al Long Time Dead


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