Let’s Have Another One (CD)


To be honest, if you’ve not yet caught them, this new collection is a very good entry point to their music & understanding why they are so popular live, representing not only their sound accurately but managing to capture their vibe too.
Andy Holdcroft, Hot Music Live 2021

Track listing

  1. Another One Like That
  2. Drink to Your Health
  3. Drunken Sailor
  4. Dark and Terrible Tbing
  5. Up On Down
  6. Sound of the Underground
  7. The Brewery
  8. Jenny Diver
  9. Skol!
  10. Another One Like This

The making of the album…

Recorded in the spaces between the Covid lockdowns in 2020-21 Let’s Have Another One is a musical statement of intent from Firedaze.
It’s an album of uptempo original folk rock songs propelled by dynamic bass playing, stomping foot percussion, insistent fiddle tines and choruses to sing along to.
In addition to the original songs there are a couple of others you may have previously heard elsewhere.
So far despite the lifting of Covid restrictions the band have not yet been able to record interviews about the making of the album.


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