Triality Squared (CD)


“Firedaze recognise no boundaries of definition and clearly benefit from that view. … hear them once and that thumping throbbing drum sequence and bass drive, enriched with rocky folk-fiddle groove will stay in your head.
It’s music for dancing, music for dreaming – … Firedaze take multiple musical threads to create a tapestry of 21st Century folk.”

(, March 2008)

Track listing

  1. End of the Light
  2. Too Smart. Too Soon
  3. Lay Me Down
  4. If Not Now. When?
  5. Coming Home
  6. My Turn
  7. You Are
  8. Cheers, Will!
  9. Remembrance Sunday/Fighting for Strangers
  10. Gaia (Big Mix)

The making of the album…

Triality Squared was released in 2008 and set out to showcase the then 4 piece line up of Firedaze. In addition to Steff Jen and String the band also included Steve Bentley on Bohdron. Steve left shortly after the album came out to set up Greenman Rising.

The three constant members of Firedaze – Jen, Steff and String – talked about the songs on Triality Squared shortly after the album’s release.
Unfortunately the sound of some of the music clips in the videos seems to have suffered during production of the videos.

End of the Light

Too Smart, Too Soon

Lay Me Down

If Not Now, When?

Coming Home

My Turn

You Are

Cheers Will

Remembrance Sunday/Fighting for Strangers



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